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Autumn wraps its chill around us with a reminder that the season is almost over; it's a natural time for reflection. Time to gather all the data collected throughout the year and have a good look. Data is more than spreadsheets and lists - we pay attention to the feelings and relationships we experienced, too. The past three years are the kind that test you and show you what you're made of. The important things become clearer: What is the reality we want to create through our work? How do we want to use our uniqueness to serve the world?

Every season since we started in 2016 the farm has looked different, and that's part of what makes us special. Being responsive to the environment, to the community, to our wisdom; we have been co-creating something that's so much more than anyone expected. Looking to our past and planning for the future, embracing impermanence is what the farm continues to remind us.

For now, we will know we've done our best, there are ways we could have done better, and most importantly we will keep at it. There's still a lot of work to do...this season, next year, and beyond!