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Being reminded how little control we have over everything can be as refreshing as it is infuriating.

Trusting in the community around us is a struggle; it's not easy to give up our sense of control. Why is it so hard to accept that we need help too? When meeting the needs of the community with local food was crucial, we doubled our weekend market presence and made deliveries during the week. We spent 2020 working non-stop, and when we'd just barely recovered over the winter, a new season was upon us.

Instead of running ourselves ragged another year, we committed to the long-term vision of healing we have held as we built Vital Ground over the past five years. Living our mission in 2021 meant "stepping away" to bring healing and wholeness deeply into the way we run our business. Our founder Laura's leadership incorporates her experience in both farming and massage, and while they are not things everyone would put together - it's what makes what she does so special. 

Vital Ground was named for the soil that is central to our nourishment, and the inner landscape each of us cultivates as we journey through life. Work we do within adds value to the work we do out in the world; through Vital Ground we are working toward healing ourselves, our soil, our relationships, and our world - together