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A Deep Thaw

Soil that's alive warms itself - the relationships between organic matter and organisms in the soil are what regnerate it. There is a generative quality to being in relationship, and our responsiveness to the stirs of nature happen somewhere outside of our control. Worms feel a change in temperature that gets them moving, and that activity sparks more activity.

As the snow melts, we see things in a new way - even if they're not new to us. We remember the projects that were forgotten under a forgiving layer of white, and for a while we feel excited by the anxious energy of all there is to do...that energetic balance is hard to maintain, and can quickly devolve into overwhelm. It's easy to get bogged down - there is always more to do than time to do it...but could there also be freedom there? If we'll never catch up, what if we stop trying so hard? Can we flow with the current while still doing our best to steer the boat?

As warmth wraps around us this spring, our hearts are sloughing a hard shell of ice - a protective layer that has helped us get through difficult days and may now dissolve to nourish what's next.