• healing together


    from soil to soul



    what does it mean to be

    Vital Ground?





    our bodies are

    the "soil" of our lives




    Soil is a complex network of interconnectedness that creates a foundation for living things to thrive.

    It humbly holds everything together, nourishing everything it holds, enduring even when depleted.

    People have a similar ability

    to produce and sustain things,

    caring beyond our capacity at times.








    How can we be responsible stewards of ourselves as a valuable, limited resource?


  • YOU are the most vital component of YOUR life!


    Just as depleted soil will not produce healthy crops,

    we don't do our best work when we are burned out


    Sustainability is about regeneration,

    allowing nature to replenish what we use


    Life requires resources from our body

    that must be replenished, too



    26 avril 2023
    22 mars 2023
    16 mars 2023
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