• Funding Wellness is harder than it should be


    The responsibility for finding and funding

    this important care  

    lies entirely on the person in need of it



    Farming is just one example of the world's hardest work;

    it is vital to our survival and not for the faint of heart.


    The rollercoaster of farm work has triumphs and lessons

    that resonate with every person that labors.


    Starting more conversations about taking good care of ourselves

    Makes things a little better for all of us that labor.




    I've been supporting farmers FOR FREE

    because I know how much it matters.



    There is a paradoxical resistance to self-knowledge

    (especially on the hardest things)

    that needs gentle, persistent challenging


    Not exactly something you can put a price tag on.

    I've struggled with that truth for years,

    and now I'm finally willing to say I need your help.


    I really do believe that we CAN change things,

    just a little bit at a time.


    I've seen it in my own life and and in the soil

    our choices matter and we make a difference by

    simply taking good care of ourselves and whatever we have

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