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It is cold, we are tired, but it's time to sharpen the tools. On the farm we are cleaning, organizing everything, packing up the seeds we saved, monitoring the produce we're hoping to hold through the winter. Watching temperatures in preparation for tree pruning and narrowing down a winter research obsession. The ACRES USA Eco-Ag conference is in town this week. We are not alone, but it's easy to forget. Talking about our dreams and failures together helps us learn, and keeps our spirits lifted while we trudge on. I didn't know I needed this so bad! Sitting in a classroom together, listening to experts talk about soil building and water management doesn't feel like work after what we've been through all year.

Spending time paying attention to our bodies on the off-season has helped keep the winter blues away; working out, getting massage therapy, or general rest we don't seem in July to have as much time to luxuriate in. Winter is brutal, but lovable!