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Every season is a chance to try it all again. We have learned things and changed our minds, or become even more curious. What do we try this year? We've been thinking about all that since November, but now it's time. All the ideas and plans have to come to life. Dirt, seeds, water, it takes time to work with them. Watering always takes more time than you expect and some days you're really just not in the mood. Labels, tracking, things we didn't think about when we imagined our lives growing food. Knowing the variety and the date we planted it; we've come to value this data as much as the food itself!

This season is going to be a deepening of our relationships - we want to interact more. Plants, people, animals, we need each other to thrive. Our network of farmers is unique because we have come together to nurture these relationships, but our struggles are not unique. The isolation and uncertainty is as real as the passion that drives us to keep farming. The days have been cloudy and cool, it doesn't quite feel like spring yet. The farmer's market may be the last thing on your mind, but we've been thinking about you and the produce you'll be excited to find in June. It's helping us get over winter's despair, so we can be grateful for the rest it provided. Looking forward to getting back to work, and sharing it all with you!